Top must-try drinks from the Vietnamese specialty coffee

The unique flavor and aromatic sense of the Vietnamese specialty coffee allow the consumers to be creative and come up with various addictive drinks to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular beverages from the Vietnamese specialty coffee that you must try.


  • Overview of Vietnamese specialty coffee


Vietnamese specialty coffee is often picked by hand and undergone the honey or washed processing methods to maintain its finest quality.

1.1. Taste of Vietnamese specialty coffee

The Vietnamese specialty coffee market mostly consists of high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The high quality Arabica coffee tastes slightly sour, more acidic and a bit bitter after swallowing, while the taste of Robusta is more bitter with about 2.5% caffeine and has less aroma. 


Specialty coffee in Vietnam

1.2. Type of Vietnamese specialty coffee

Most Vietnamese specialty coffee is high-grade Arabica beans which demand specific natural conditions to grow and process, therefore it might result in lower yields but higher quality. On the contrary, the cultivation of Robusta coffee beans are less demanding and give higher yields, although its finished products’ price on the market is not as high as the Arabica ones.

Type of Vietnamese specialty coffee

1.3. Price of Vietnamese specialty coffee

The price of Vietnamese specialty coffee usually doubles that of Commercial one since it requires stricter process, from growing to brewing all require manual and experienced workers to execute. This complexity is the main reason why the price value and quality of Vietnamese specialty coffee is among the top on the market.

  • Top 5 must-try drinks from the Vietnamese specialty coffee


Here are 5 beverage suggestions that can be made from the Vietnamese specialty coffee

2.1. Hot egg coffee – Vietnamese specialty coffee

Originated in Hanoi in 1947, this signature and unique drink has stolen the heart of the Hanoi people and remains one of the most beloved beverages. It is the perfect combination of creamy, bitter and even caramel. While it might be sweeter than the original black coffee, its aroma and addictive taste is still hard to resist. In Hanoi, Giang Cafe, Lam Cafe and Dinh Cafe are some of the most-visited places to try hot egg coffee.

2.2. Yogurt coffee – Vietnamese specialty coffee

The main ingredients of this beverage is coffee, yogurt, ice, a little bit of condensed milk and coconut milk. Yogurt coffee is quite refreshing and is perfect for the hot weather. This drink is most suitable for those who are a fan of both sweets and coffee.

2.3. Iced milk coffee – Vietnamese specialty coffee

This drink is quite easy to make – a mixture of coffee, milk, condensed milk and ice but the taste is irresistible. Vietnamese people usually have a cup of black coffee or iced milk coffee at breakfast or when hanging out with friends. The taste can be sweet or bitter depending on the amount of condensed milk.

2.4. Bac xiu – Vietnamese specialty coffee

Bac xiu is the staple drink in the South of Vietnam, and it is now available throughout the entire country. In general, Bac xiu is similar to iced milk coffee, but with more condensed milk and less coffee.

2.5. Coconut coffee – Vietnamese specialty coffee

Coconut coffee is made by mixing milk coffee with coffee or an iced coconut milk smoothie. The special thing about this drink is the hard to resist coconut aroma.

  • Place to get Vietnamese specialty coffee


Buying Vietnamese specialty coffee is harder than Commercial coffee since normally it is not sold in grocery stores, only in specialty or merchant shops. 


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