Vietnam coffee export company and things needed to know

In the world coffee market, Vietnam coffee export company is famous for its high-quality coffee with its competitive price and unique flavor.


  • A brief introduction about Vietnam coffee export company


Vietnam coffee export company is well-known for its top-tier coffee products in the international coffee market. They are classified into 2 main types: direct and indirect exporters.


Vietnamese coffee export price in the past 3 MYs update


  • Indirect coffee export company


Indirect coffee export companies are those who work with intermediate companies or brokers to sell their coffee. The sales intermediaries will be responsible for connecting and sending these companies’ products to international buyers or importers. Buying/purchasing agents, commission agents, export agents are typical examples of intermediaries.


  • Direct coffee export company


In contrast to indirect coffee export companies, the direct ones can directly sell their products to other countries without any third party. They are in charge of finding the buyers, selling their products, and directly dealing with foreign importers. It means that they are in control of every step in their coffee exporting process.


  • Products provided by Vietnam coffee export company


Vietnam coffee export companies often supply 2 major types of coffee products including green coffee beans and roasted coffee.


  • Green coffee


Green coffee exported from the largest coffee-planting areas such as Vietnam, Brazil, or Colombia accounts for about 95% of the total green coffee beans in the world. Vietnam coffee export companies often produce raw coffee beans then export them to high-technology countries for more complex processing products such as America, Germany, or Sweden.

Arabica and Robusta are 2 key coffee products of green coffee beans. In the last 3 years, the price of this coffee has increased steadily due to the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic. In general, the price of Robusta is always lower than that of Arabica.


(Unit: $/ton)

Type of coffee MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Arabica 2670.0 3027.2 3727.5
Robusta 1691.0 1531.9 1783.2


Green coffee


  • Roasted coffee


Due to the low-tech production, Vietnam coffee export companies focus mainly on producing green coffee beans. However, roasted coffee beans are also supplied to meet the customers’ needs.



  • Vietnam coffee export company’s competitive advantages
  • Large and stable production


The biggest advantage of Vietnamese coffee export is its consistent and huge output of coffee with average annual production up to 1.5 million MT in the last 5 years. The ideal altitude and favorable climatic conditions for growing coffee make Vietnamese coffee a unique flavor and aroma, which is popular with coffee drinkers all around the world. According to ICO, in the last 2 years, Vietnam has ranked second in producing coffee, only after Brazil.


  • Competitive price


The price of Vietnam coffee exports is often 5% lower than that of other foreign suppliers. This doesn’t mean that Vietnamese coffee is of worse quality. The reason is that most Vietnam coffee export companies have their own coffee farms and factories, which helps reduce the transportation cost from farm to factory, the broker’s fee, ….


  • Tariff preferences


Vietnam has actively participated and negotiated for FTAs (Free Trade Agreement) with other countries around the world. Outstandingly, the import duty on Vietnamese green and roasted coffee is reduced from 7-9% to 0% due to the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). This is an important factor that benefits both Vietnam coffee export companies and foreign importers, making Vietnamese coffee more popular in the international market.

K-Agriculture – a leading coffee export company in Vietnam

K-Agriculture is a reputable coffee brand for both domestic and international markets. It is prized for high-quality agricultural products such as rice, coffee, spices, … with the most competitive price. Coffee is a leading product at K-Agriculture, present in many large markets such as the US, EU, ….



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