How To Find A Reliable Cinnamon Oil Manufacturers

In recent years, cinnamon oil has been valued and considered a key plant of this country. This article will help you find reliable cinnamon oil manufacturers.

1. Overview of the cinnamon oil manufacturers 

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the identity of manufacturers producing cinnamon oil and the specific market they serve with their range of cinnamon products.

1.1. The definition of cinnamon oil manufacturers  

Cinnamon oil manufacturers are those who possess their own sources of raw materials, handle the production process, and directly export the product. This signifies that their supply is abundant and consistent, without any interruptions or disruptions. Thus, importers who work with cinnamon oil manufactures acquire greater control and cost reduction.


Overview of the cinnamon oil manufacturers

1.2. The main product of cinnamon oil manufacturers  

The product of cinnamon oil manufacturers is the bark of cinnamon, although a smaller quantity can be obtained from the leaves.

  • Cinnamon oil extracted from the bark has a warm and slightly spicy taste accompanied by a sweet and woody aroma. It exhibits a golden to dark brown color and possesses a smooth texture.
  • On the other hand, cinnamon oil derived from the leaves has a milder taste, herbal flavor, and a lighter aroma. Its color ranges from pale yellow to yellowish-brown, and its texture is similar to that of bark-derived oil

2. How to work with cinnamon oil manufacturers

If you are looking for trust-worthy oil cinnamon manufacturers, this information is really useful.

2.1. How to find reliable cinnamon oil manufacturers 

Here are some steps to find reliable cinnamon oil manufacturers:

  • Research: Gather information using online resources, directories, and trade associations.
  • Quality standards: Look for cinnamon oil manufacturers with ISO, GMP, or organic certifications.
  • Experience and reputation: Consider manufacturers with a track record of producing high-quality oil.
  • Samples and information: Request samples and detailed product information.
  • Communication: Engage with manufacturers to ask questions and clarify doubts.
  • Facility visit: If possible, visit manufacturing facilities to assess their operations.
  • Recommendations: Seek recommendations from industry peers or trade associations.
  • Pricing and terms: Compare pricing and payment terms.
  • Customer reviews: Read reviews and testimonials to gauge satisfaction level.

2.2. Signs of fraud cinnamon oil manufacturers 

Signs of fraud cinnamon oil manufacturers include:

  • Lack of physical presence or legitimate address.
  • Insufficient information about raw materials and production.
  • Unrealistically low prices compared to the market average.
  • Poor quality or inconsistent products.
  • Absence of proper documentation and certifications.
  • Unprofessional communication and behavior.
  • When dealing with cinnamon oil manufacturers, it’s important to be vigilant and conduct thorough research to avoid fraudulent practices and ensure the quality of the products.

How to work with cinnamon oil manufacturers

3. Some leading cinnamon oil manufacturers

If you’re interested in starting a business in cinnamon oil, this section will introduce reputable suppliers who are highly regarded in the market.

  • Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters: Established in Sri Lanka in 1991, Lak Cinnamon is committed to cultivating premium cinnamon and continuously improving the quality of their products. Among their offerings, cinnamon oil is a popular item, albeit priced higher than most spices. However, the higher cost is justified for Ceylon cinnamon. Lak Cinnamon has successfully exported their cinnamon oil bulk to countries such as the USA, Chile, Mexico, Germany, and Peru.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon: Hanoi Cinnamon is one of the leading Vietnamese cinnamon oil manufacturers with over 21 years of experience in agricultural commodities. They hold certifications like FSSC 22000, ISO 9000, and HACCP. With an 8000m2 warehouse and a monthly production capacity of 15,000 tons, they offer competitive wholesale prices ranging from $5 to $15 per kg for cinnamon oil. They export to markets like the US, UK, Europe, India, Mexico, Korea, and more.
  • Aroma Atsiri in Indonesia: Aroma Atsiri Indonesia (AAI) is a rapidly growing essential oil company based in Indonesia. They have a skilled research team dedicated to developing innovative extraction methods and providing agricultural guidance to producers. AAI exports their products to various countries in Europe, America, and neighboring regions, with cinnamon oil priced at approximately $17 per liter.

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