K-Hair Vietnam: Awesome address of human hair extensions distribution 

The world has witnessed the booming of hair extensions business for years thanks to the high demand of beauty products. If women are considered to be the symbol of beauty, the hair extensions assist them to be more stunning. Asian hair market is always the most competitive and potential one in comparison to other markets. Vietnam is a dominant country in supplying hair products and K-Hair Vietnam is recognized as the flagship in this region. The factory commits to provide the finest quality of human hair extensions as well as pleasing supporting service.

K-Hair Vietnam was founded in the late 1990s by a talented CEO who has a desire for making the Vietnamese brand become worldwide identified. For years, he and his employees have been working hard to conquer that big dream. At present, K-Hair Vietnam is one of the reliable distributors of consumers from all over the world. Are you curious about their secret?

The extensions offered by K-Hair Vietnam are made entirely from human hair. This hair comes from local condors in Vietnam’s rural and hilly regions. Vietnamese human hair is recognized as the most precious hair material when compared to other nations’ human hair in bulk because the environment in this country, together with the restricted use of chemical treatments on the hair, preserves the natural hair healthy and silky. This great hair source will become outstanding hair extensions after being carefully processed using K-Hair Vietnam’s secret technique.

The company of K-Hair Vietnam is located in the north of Vietnam with the space upto hundreds of square meters. The staff here are skillful and there are also hair experts to check on the quality of the products. The up-to-date machinery used throughout the manufacturing process makes the products’ quality more identical and higher.

On the website, you can get some important K-Hair Vietnam information. To begin, there are two types of hair extensions available: virgin hair and remy hair. Both hair types are made from 100 percent black human hair. On the one hand, K-Hair Vietnam’s remy hair is collected from a group of people with identical qualities, with all strands aligned in the unilateral direction of the cuticles, ensuring that the hairline and hair ends are in the same direction. Remy hair from K-Hair Vietnam that has been colored, bleached, or permed can be dyed, bleached, or permed. On the other hand, virgin hair is unprocessed and given by only one condor. It’s possible to dye, bleach, or perm this hair.

There are some typical types of hair extensions distributed by K-Hair Vietnam:

  • Weft hair: a type of hair extension that has been sewed or weaved onto a horizontal strip of cloth to form a bundle. Weft hair from K-Hair Vietnam is usually offered in bundles (100 grams each bundle), therefore the thickness varies depending on the length of the hair. Raw hair is first sewn together with a strengthening weave around the base of each strand. To make the final horizontal band, the hair is folded and weaved together. On a continuous line, the weaved hair parts all point the same way.
  • Tape in hair: In K-Hair Vietnam, human hair is distributed and glued uniformly on pieces of tape with a particular pattern. Other hair kinds or synthetic fiber do not mix well with this hair type.


  • Lace Frontal/Closure: This product from K-Hair Vietnam is a sort of 100% natural hair stitched into a net by hand. Lace frontal is bigger than the lace closure (the grid is a square piece). 13×4 and 4×4 are the most common sizes.
  • Wig: The wigs exported by K-Hair Vietnam are manufactured exactly the same with the lace frontal and closure. However, it has a 3D shape that can cover the whole scalp of the user.


    • Ponytail: human hair that has been pre-tied to improve the thickness and length of the original tied-up hair. To satisfy the different demands of the users, this product from K-Hair Vietnam may be tied high or low. There are three kinds: Sleek High Ponytail, Double Twisted Ponytail, and Long Romantic Ponytail.


  • Pixie curls and Bone straight are the most common and typical products from K-Hair Vietnam that are imported by newbie hair vendors.


Although Vietnamese human hair extensions are more expensive than the products from other countries like China or India, K-Hair Vietnam commits to provide pleasing prices that are worth the quality. The prices offered are based on the grades of hair: Single- Double- Super Double. For example, as we can see from the list below, curly wavy hair with the length of 8 inch costs $159 for Single grade, $189 for Double grade and $220 for Super Double grade.

There are a sufficient number of staff available to support the consumers. There are hotlines and even individual phone numbers of the salers posted on the official website of K-Hair Vietnam for whoever wants to connect in person. These people will provide you the fullest information about the hair types, the prices and logistic service. If you order products from K-Hair Vietnam, before, during and after the delivery, the staff will 24/6 assist and help you with raised issues.

For more information about K-Hair company, please visit us at: https://www.diigo.com/user/khairfactory

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