Tube cinnamon: A big brother

In daily lives, domestic households are so familiar with small cinnamon products such as stick cinnamon or cinnamon oil. However, the very first and fundamental variety, which is tube cinnamon, is not very widely known.


  • Tube cinnamon: The overview


The knowledge about tube cinnamon is very diverse. But for the most defined and popular knowledge, there are two things.

1.1 Tube cinnamon: Processing steps

The process is quite simple. Cinnamon bark after being cleaned and dried is packed into cartoon packages, ready to sell in the market.


Tube cinnamon

1.2 Product index

There are 7 indexes of high-quality tube cinnamon traders should always keep in mind.

  • Moisture: 12%
  • Essential oil: 2-5%
  • Length: 30-45 cm
  • Thickness: 1-1.5 mm
  • Skin: either
  • Package: Cartoon
  • Price: $16/kg. However, the price fluctuates a bit based on the values of essential oil, thickness, etc.

1.3 Harvest time 

Normally, farmers harvest cinnamon twice a year: in spring (February to March) and Autumn (August to September). This information is vital for traders who want to buy the best-quality tube cinnamon.


  • Tube cinnamon: The usage


This product is considered as “a big brother” of other cinnamon products because it is the first input material to manufacture them. 

For example, stick cinnamon is produced by cutting the tube type, or milling tube cinnamon to manufacture cinnamon powder.


  • Tube cinnamon: Where to find?


The list of top 5 tube cinnamon suppliers will help traders to approach the product more quickly.

3.1 Tien Thanh Cinnamon Company

Located in Yen Bai province, the largest cinnamon supply location in Vietnam, Tien Thanh cinnamon company is always ready to give customers the best tube cinnamon.

3.2 K-Agriculture

K-Agriculture, a “veteran” in manufacturing spices, especially cinnamon products such as tube cinnamon, split cinnamon or cinnamon oil. The company is confident in serving buyers high-quality tube cinnamon with reasonable prices.

Contact us:



WhatsApp: +84 855555694


Cinnamon Factory

3.3 DongXing company

Located in China, the biggest cinnamon exporter in 2020, DongXing company is a reliable location for traders to visit.

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