The birth of Hair extension brands on the market today

Hair extension brands are now emerging in the hair extensions market because of the variety of hair extensions products and the quality that these brands bring.


Hair extension brands

The demand for Hair extension brands

Hair extensions are a product that is both convenient and easy to use and offers many uses for those who have thin or short hair and want to lengthen it in a short time. These hair extensions have emerged in recent years and are gradually taking over the beauty market. Therefore, hair extension brands were established to be able to provide reputable products to customers and to grow stronger in the current market of hair extensions.

According to the current buying trend of customers around the world, for any product, they will also look for reputable brands that are suitable for the price to choose to buy. And these hair extension brands have met the needs of customers and sold hair extensions products that meet the standards of quality and price. These hair extension brands also give customers peace of mind when buying because they can find the brand if there is any problem with their products.

Types of products that Hair extension brands offer

Hair extension brands will bring different products, but in general, the current hair extension market will still have typical products with high competition.

Synthetic hair extension products from Hair extension brands

The synthetic hair extensions products available on the market today are not really popular, but they still have a certain position.


Synthetic hair extension of Hair extension brands

  • The current hair extensions brands on the market sell both real and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair extensions are made from synthetic fibers which makes them much cheaper than real hair extensions. And the properties of synthetic hair extensions are not as good as real hair extensions because they cannot be styled or dyed.
  • However, hair extension brands know the psychology of shoppers who want to buy to try it out with a small amount of money, so synthetic hair extension products are still sold to serve that need.
  • Although synthetic hair products are cheap, the quantity sold is not as much as real hair extensions, so hair extension brands are also very limited when importing these products. If they did, it is also in relatively small quantity to serve customers who are curious about these synthetic hair extensions.

Real hair extension products from Hair extension brands

Real hair extension products will definitely always be the top priority of hair extension brands around the world today.


Real hair extension of Hair extension brands

  • Real hair extension products are available at many hair extension brands. This is the main source of products for these brands. Real hair extensions are available in a wide variety of qualities such as virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. But because non-remy hair is quite low quality and not as popular as the others, it’s very rare to find which hair extension brands sell a lot of products made from non-remy hair.
  • Talking to virgin hair extensions, this is one of the particularly outstanding products of any hair extension brands available on the hair extension market today. With high quality selected to the absolute level, virgin hair extension products are always top sellers at hair extension brands. Also because of the high uniformity, any hair extension products made from virgin hair are also very popular because of its softness like the user’s real hair. Virgin hair extension products get the best properties from a well-groomed hair, so the customers who go to the hair extension brands to buy this product are people who pay great attention to the beauty of the hair as well as being willing to spend a lot of money to get the best hair.
  • And with remy hair extensions type, it is a popular among mid-range customers of today’s hair extension brands. Remy hair is collected from 2 to 3 hair sources of the same quality but different in origin, so the consistency is not high. However, it also has many advantages that virgin hair extensions have but the price is much cheaper. Therefore, in hair extension brands, remy hair extension products are very popular.

Prestigious Hair extension brand in Vietnam: 5S hair factory

5S hair factory -the best Vietnamese hair manufacturer is a hair extension brand with many years of development history in Vietnam. With the experience that 5S hair factory has built up over many years in the field of hair extensions, the hair extensions products are sold with top quality. Customers or hair dealers who come to 5S hair factory are extremely trusting and make trading decisions for long-term cooperation. 5S hair factory hair extension products such as virgin hair or remy hair are all high quality Vietnamese hair, so customers are extremely confident.

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