Understanding the delivery terms of K-Agriculture

In order to work smoothly with K-Agriculture and maximize your profits, it is important to thoroughly understand the delivery terms of K-Agriculture.

Shipping information

By making an order and approving that K-Agriculture company will be your product and service supplier which is stated in the contract signed by both parties, you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.


The delivery terms of K-Agriculture contain two steps: sample shipping and order shipping, both can be done either through air or sea freight.

Shipping samples by Sea or Air

At this stage, our customers will be given FREE samples for testing and quality-checking. However, they will also have to pay the shipping fee. With an aim to provide products with premium quality and reasonable prices to customers, we offer great air freight services from 3 to 5 days as one of the best delivery options.

Shipping order by Sea or Air

The shipping methods might change depending on the size of your packages

  • For small packages: door-to-door or all-in shipping

If you purchase small packages from our company, K-Agriculture will send them either through door-to-door or all-in shipping in accordance with your own preferences. We always use delivery shipments offered by renowned and reliable companies, namely DHL, FedEx, VPS. This will make sure that your packages will be delivered on time without any damages. Products have special shapes like high quality Vietnamese cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil,… K-Agriculture will have special packaging to ensure the quality of products. 

  • For large packages: bareboat, semi-covered or containers.

Large volume packages will be sent by K-Agriculture by the sea in containers, semi-covered, or in bareboat. This requires a more complex customs procedure, meaning that the shipping price can be lower than expected.


K-Agriculture’s coffee factory

  • Benefits of Sea and Air Shipment

Both types of delivery have their own advantages, so be sure to check carefully and choose an option that is more suitable to your preferences.

Sea Shipment

This method accounts for the majority of the volume of the total international import and export goods.

  • Huge transport capacity

This means that for large wholesale orders, sea freight will be an ideal option.

  • Lower costs compared to other methods

The cost of sea or ocean shipment is considered one of the lowest due to its huge tonnage of shipment.

  • Ideal for transporting in bulk

Almost any type of goods can be shipped with this delivery method, especially if they are in bulk cargo.

Air Shipment

Even though this delivery option only takes up 1% of the total volume of international goods, it accounts for 20% of the value.

  • Short, natural routes with fast speed and high technology

Air shipment can follow natural routes with high speed, which means that for perishable orders that need immediate delivery, air freight is the best choice.

  • Does not depend greatly on terrain conditions

Since goods will be delivered directly in the air, the risk of them being affected by terrain conditions or climatic factors will be below.

  • Simple custom procedures

This contributes to the fast and convenience of air freight.

  • Most suitable for the delivery of the following items: Letters, parcels; general cargo, perishable goods; high-value goods, courier goods; goods that need fast transport to meet market needs.

K-Agriculture office

Contact information – K-Agriculture:

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: k-agriculture.com

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kagriculture1996/

To have more knowledge about importing rice from Vietnam, please click on this link: https://bit.ly/3fjCvil

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